Tribute is paid to many of the great men and women who have striven to elucidate the nature of "Mind". Some of these and their books are:

Rene Descartes, Ramon y Cajal, Golgi, Karl Lashley, Dennis Gabor, McCulloch and Pitts, Rosenblatt (Perceptrons), Churchland (Computational Brain), Semir Zeki (A Vision of the Brain), Eric Kandel (Cellular Basis of Behaviour), Donald Hebb, Theodore Bullock (Introduction to Nervous systems), Daniel Dennett (Consciousness Explained), Roger Penrose (Shadows of the Mind), Susan Greenfield, Alan Turing, Hubel and Wiesel, Gerald M. Edelman (Neural Darwinism), Barlow (The Senses), David Marr (Vision), Poggio (Computer models of vision), "Neuralworks" (A Commercial system of Neural Networks), Dowling (Neural Networks), Shepherd (Neurobiology), Richard Restak (The Modular Brain), Richard Feynman (QED), Werner Heisenberg (The Uncertainty Principle), Schroedinger (Wave Mechanics). John R. Searle (The Rediscovery of the Mind), J. Allan Hobson (Consciousness - Scientific American Library).